Trusted Food Supply Chain Ecosystem

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What is SHOPBLY?

Leveraging blockchain technology,SHOPBLY will make the reciprocal ecosystemconnecting both end-consumers and producers with reasonable benefits.

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    BLOCERY offers the new Agricultural Goods supply chain ecosystem by utilizing 4IR technologies. Transparent & Trustable Value Chain will be presented with our new efficient supply chain system.

  2. Supply Chain ESG Enhancement



    Reflects a company's accountability and sustainability pertaining to the environment. It focuses on elements like curbing carbon emissions, resource proficiency, energy usage, waste management, and effect on ecosystems.



    Refers to a corporation's influence on society, encompassing aspects like employee well-being, community engagement, customer care, human rights safeguarding, and social initiatives. It emphasizes fostering inclusive workspaces and bolstering local communities.



    Indicates a corporation's management and governance structures. It encompasses aspects like internal controls, ethical business practices, board impartiality, shareholder protection, ensuring ethical behavior, and conformance with laws and regulations.

    Additionally, as the supply chain aspect becomes increasingly transparent regarding disclosure of the ESG development status, the public has access to review the data and achievements attained by companies in their endeavors or endeavours to achieve the ESG goals.

    Blocery is diligently working on a protocol that can link users and supply chain organizations on their ESG status.

  3. shopBLY

    shopBLY is one of the major services of the Blocery ecosystem. This platform conducts transformation of Agricultural SCM by utilizing Blockchain, Big Data, Digital assets, and Metaverse.

    Enjoyment of Waiting!

    Value beyond of the shopBLY offers theContract Farming

    ‘Slow Shopping’ Produces and consumers are allowed to check the real-time status of production/distribution/consumption through shopBLY.

    All Data is recorded on theBlockchain

    Information from shopBLY is non-forgeablesince all traceability information throughoutproduce ~ distribute ~ consume are recordedon the Blockchain.

    Consumers can believe what they are expecting to receive.

    Community Based Shopping

    SNS, Community, Activities, Group Purchase, and Local

    Communities, etc. Our service offers integration of shopping, compensation, and communities

  4. shopBLY Metaverse (Digital Twin)


    Contract Farming, Traceability

    Free Order Service & Traceability System throughout both ends of produce andconsume.

    Free Order Service & Traceability System throughout both ends of produce and consume. Producers, in return for benefiting by securing funds, will offer real-time trustworthy information throughout production. Consumers will pre-purchase goods and be benedit from price advantage and information including traceability.



    Communities built by producers andconsumers.Meaningful data and traceability areshared within those communities.

    Producers collect traceability data via SNS or #hashtag and secure outlet by trust built by direct communication with consumers.

    Consumers are allowed to, on top of purchasing goods at reasonable prices, earn extra benefits through community group purchase service.


    Agricultural Goods Shopping Curation

    We offer the curation service for agricultural goods shopping by analyzing big data of the E-Commerce Market including produce, distribute, products, purchase patterns, and keywords.

    We deliver customized curation regarding whole market trends and individual consumption habits by analyzing diverse Big Data collected from E-Commerce market.


    Metaverse (AR/VR)

    Develop Agricultural Metaverse usingAR/VR and Digital Twin technologies andoffer valuable user experience.

    Customized service that meets customer needs including real-time pparticipation through AR/VR technologies. Also, will digitalized agricultural culture through transaction using agricultural goods NFT


    Smart APC

    Automation solution service for Agricultural Cooperative APC & Smart Factories

    With active partnership with regional APCs, we manage produce/process/traceability of agricultural goods. By utilizing APC local food brand shop, we offer high value brand goods and activate local farms.

Blocery Ecosystem

Blocery provides more efficient way of working across the food supply chain and benefits all participants with safer, smarter and more sustainable food supply chain ecosystem.

ecosystem chart

BLY Token Distribution


Total1,000,000,000 BLY
Ecosystem250,000,000 BLY
Team200,000,000 BLY
Private sales190,000,000 BLY
Marketing150,000,000 BLY
Foundation Reserve100,000,000 BLY
Partners & Advisor100,000,000 BLY
Public Sale10,000,000 BLY


  1. 2024


    • Complete the development of the users part
    • Integrated the supply chain and users part.


    • Build t e bridge between Layer2 and Ethereum 
    • Complete the development of the supply chain part.


    • Build the test system of the supply chain part.
    • Build the test system of the users part.


    • Complete the desig  o  the ESG Dashboard.
    • Smart contract development
    • Select the layer2 chain to start the test
  2. 2023

    • Commercialization of Supply Chain Finance
    • Big Data service linked with Elastic Search & AI technology of EZFARM 
    • Commercialization of Data Trading Market
  3. 2022

    • Data Market Release
    • Expand Service Partnership
    • Expand Partnership alliance & B2B Traceability solution
  4. 2021


    • Contract farming partnership alliance with major manufacturers & distributors
    • Partnership alliance for Traceability
    • Expand of traceability solution into multiple industries


    • Data Market release
    • Expand Service Partnership
    • Expand Partnership alliance & B2B traceability solution


    • C‌ommercialize Agricultural Products Traceability & B2B B2C cont act farming platform
    • Donnie Finance: Expand exchange service & NFT service


    • Go Public on Bithumb Korea
    • Business Alliance Contract with Upbit Safe
    • Marketbly daily sales to reach 50 million KRW
    • Marketbly to listed #9 on Google F&B App Ranking with weekly new subscribers to re ch over 25,000
    • Donnie Finance and Coinone go Public
    • Launch IOST based DeFi service
    • Investment by GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital)